Advertising Agency In Surabaya – Indonesia

Advertising Agency In Surabaya, Indonesia – Yesterday i fix my iPod at the apple store, and there is a old man asked to me “Do you know where the advertising agency in surabaya? I really need it“, yes it’s my lucky day and i said “if you want, I’m the owner of an advertising agency in Surabaya, known as Vordava “. The man asked again “Can after this I came into your office? I want to see your stuff works. ” And i answer “I prefer to call Vordava as a design studio, office terms are too fancy for me. Okay sir, after this we went to my studio. ” Well this is my lucky day.

For information, Vordava founded in 2008 in Surabaya, and has been working on interesting design projects in each year. And I write this story here, is to promote my design studio, :p


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