Design Studio In Indonesia

One time I opened my facebook, and someone greeted me “Hi, how are you? Can I ask you?”. And I said, “Thank God, I’m fine. What would you ask?”. He said, “I want to open a business in Indonesia, and i need a designer for my business. I replied,” If you want, you can use me, because i am a designer, and i manage design studio, called Vordava “.

At that time i realized, if there is some people confusion looking for designers in Indonesia, despite the fact that so many designers in Indonesia. Most Indonesian designer, prefer using Indonesian language on their website. Maybe this is what causes him confusion looking for information about design in Indonesia. Like a golden opportunity that has been wasted.

Thankfully i use English on my website, although i can’t speak english very well.  At least I’ve tried to communicate my design studio, to the world.